Who/what am I?

Hi, I am Tanja Lipp.

I am a

  • singer
  • marketing graduate
  • web design graduate
  • project manager
  • vocal coach (still in training at this moment)
  • band manager

It is all this professional experience in different fields that I am now combining to serve one purpose that has become my prime goal: music, and dealing with people who are into music. It is my aim to give all those great singers a chance to be heard by a steadily growing number of fans. That’s why I have decided to assist those people and convince them that marketing can be fun. Add to that, my attitude is one of respectfulness, empathy, and good humour.

What do I enjoy most?

  • Being on stage to entertain people with music. And a couple of stories, too.
  • Making people less afraid of marketing matters. It’s fun to reach your goal more quickly, isn’t it?
  • Arousing musicians‘ awareness of things like „corporate“ design.
  • Rhyming. No problem for me to produce verse at short notice.
  • Writing texts of all kinds (song texts, texts for websites)
  • Creative (even „destructive“) use of language, endowing words with new meanings …
  • Spawning websites using WordPress
  • Having a good laugh

What did I do in the past?

Before music started to enthrall and fill me, I worked in a field commonly known to be „dry“. I spent 13 years as a marketing manager in one of the world’s biggest trust companies (Deloitte). By and by, I was beginning to develop a more creative vein, mainly through the influence of artists and people like that. For a certain time, it was my job to attend to clients of Perndl + Co Büro für Grafikdesign and later I became office manager at MAK (Museum for Applied Arts).

I decided to become self-employed in 2013, simply because I wanted to have more time for music and for my band, Jump The Curb.

Never afraid of a „fill-in“ job.

No matter what job I happened to be doing, I never felt anything to be too dull for me to do. This hasn’t changed. Customers keep telling me how glad they are to have me do some jobs they are either unwilling or unable to do, and do them reliably. I am quite used to facing new challenges if need be, which on occasion can make for quite an eventful working day. Impossible? – Make it possible.

Oh, lest I forget: I can keep a secret. I have a manner of instantly forgetting things not intended to become public.

Just get an idea.


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