Vocal Coach

Everyone can sing.

A statement which, to be honest, I had been doubting for a long time – until I heard about Complete Vocal Technique (CVT). Being a late beginner at 30 (that’s when I started singing), I had been searching for a method that would render audible results in a short time. I hit upon CVT by chance, and having fallen in love with Copenhagen durig a vacation in Denmark, there was no question for me to enroll with Complete Vocal Institute. Which I have never regretted.

I was soon able to do away with a couple of problems such as thin upper register and a feeling of „lack of air“. Coming to terms with them was an experience I would love to share with anyone having to use their voice extensively.

So who would be a candidate for CVT training?

  • Singers
  • Speakers, announcers, TV correspondents
  • Managers and other people  who have to get through meetings and presentations in good voice
  • Lecturers
  • Coaches

Because my own CVT teacher’s training is still in progress, you lucky people may take advantage of my current „intro“ rates (€ 54,-  VAT included).

Just call me to make an appointment. Send an e-mail.

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