About myself

Hi, my name is Tanja Lipp.

I am a singer, and I am a vocal coach (Authorised Complete Vocal Technique Teacher). If you are a woman, say, in her cool forties or indestructible fifties, and have always wanted to sing, I would love to give you some help and support. Trust me, you will be able to turn your dream into reality! I will show you how to make your vocal cords vibrate in unbelievable ways.

With a little help from me, you will soon realize that singing knows no age limit, and you will find my method both heart-warming and inspiring. You will gain self-confidence, and you will learn how to make your “instrument” – your voice – sound healthy and vigorous. Your spirits will rise, and gloomy days will fade away.

The toolbox we will be using is CVT (Complete Vocal Technique). In it, you will find every tool that fits your own individual voice, ready for you to be used – neither more nor less. The effects  go far beyond musical matters: If, for instance, you find yourself in a crowded place and want to order a drink, your voice will be heard and you will survive. You will not put too much strain on your voice when singing along with your idol in a live concert, because you know exactly how to project in a noisy surrounding. To be honest, it annoys me to hear from people that you cannot learn to sing when you have reached a certain age. It’s my job to destroy this myth and enrich your life by engaging in delightful vocal activity.


I am deeply indebted to Catherine Sadolin, the person who invented CVT (Complete Vocal Technique), which helped me develop my own voice. I started my training at Complete Vocal Institute, Copenhagen, for purely selfish reasons. I wanted to improve my singing. I wanted to get rid of the idea that having started singing at 30 was somehow strange. I wanted to be able to hit those tricky high notes without producing strange squeaks or feeling strangled.

After checking in at CVI Copenhagen for the first time, things went on very quickly. And now that everything has fallen into place, I feel like I have to yell and shout: “Hey you girls out there, there’s hope for us! Grown-up women can learn how to sing!”


Using CVT for your own practical purposes is one thing, but teaching the method is another. That’s why I found it useful to have three years of teacher’s training in Copenhagen, resulting in an “Authorized Complete Vocal Technique Teacher” certificate I received in June, 2020 (hooray!).

Logo Authorised CVT Teacher

Some of my principles in dealing with people are humour, empathy, and respectfulness – and these are part of CVT’s philosophy, too: There is nothing eccentric about it, and nothing that would make it seem inaccessible.


  • Supporting your enthusiasm for singing, watching the sparkle in your eyes when you finally hit that tricky high note in a seemingly effortless way.
  • Standing on a stage entertaining an audience, singing, and telling a couple of stories.
  • Rhyming. I can come up with any ol’ rhyme of mine at short notice.
    Writing texts of all kinds. Song lyrics, web pages, diary entries, shopping lists, you name it.
  • Messing with language, endowing words with new meanings, just like Humpty Dumpty.
  • Laughing, any time, from the bottom of my heart.


Before music started to enthrall me and finally became an essential element in my life, I worked in a field commonly known to be “dry”. I spent thirteen years as a marketing manager in one of the world’s biggest trust companies (Deloitte). By and by, I was beginning to develop a more creative vein, meeting more artists and people like that. For a certain time, it was my job to attend to clients of Perndl + Co Büro für Grafikdesign and later I became office manager at MAK (Museum for Applied Arts). I decided to become self-employed in 2013, simply because I wanted to have more time for music and for my band, Jump The Curb. It was only some time later that I started to fully focus on music. My decision to do so, strangely, was triggered by a stroke of fate – breast cancer (which I was able to beat, luckily). Still, I have no regrets about the detours I took early on. Based on my experience, I am able to offer advice on such things as running a WordPress website, for instance. But, most important of all, is to listen to your own inner voice and – take care of your voice in general.


Singing lessons are an intimate thing. In singing, we reveal our own inner selves. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea to have other people watch and listen. There are some who don’t even want to listen to their own voice. So you probably want something like a protected environment.